camp_nurseIf you are currently working toward a nursing degree, but have not decided on your concentration, you should definitely consider a wide variety of nursing profiles. One that may be often overlooked is a camp nurse. Camp nurses do exactly what you think they do: they are nurses for summer camps and other types of retreats for all ages. Knowing what kinds of camps and retreats at which camp nurses frequently work will be beneficial in deciding if being a camp nurse is for you.

There are always the good ol’ summer camps where younger kids go to get away from their parents for a while, to enjoy running around in the hot summer air and swimming with their best camp buddies. The wonderful thing about these camps is that you know the children are getting great exercise and staying active, but the bad thing is that kids tend to be very curious and get into things they shouldn’t. As a nurse, you will very likely end up treating poison ivy rashes and campfire burns on a regular basis because of these curious little monkeys. Summer nurses will also see many mosquito bites and possibly a few broken bones, which can be sad but is also a part of childhood for many kids. While these incidents are usually expected, it is also a possibility that you will come into contact with a child who has a sickness like chicken pox or the flu. This is important to be aware of because there may be several other kids who are not immune to chicken pox or did not get a flu shot, so keeping the infected child away from others is crucial.

As a camp nurse, you can also be assigned to work at a retreat for terminally ill patients. This can be very rewarding as well as upsetting for some people. Depending on how close you would allow yourself to get to the retreaters, you may be setting yourself up for sadness if one of them passes away. They are terminally ill, after all. However, the goodness you can do for these patients greatly outweighs the heartbreak of losing one of them to their disease. Caring for them while they are on retreat is a beautiful thing to do, and can mean more to them than you may know. If a patient has a complication with their disease, or just simply catches a cold while on retreat, you are their primary care provider and can help them get better. Having a group of people you are devoted to can be heart-wrenching, but it is one of the most worthwhile things you can do.

Being a camp nurse has many facets, two of which are covered here. Being a nurse these days of course has its challenges and setbacks, but the benefits greatly outweigh these. Nurses in particular have very exciting jobs, though they can also be quite challenging. When you finish your online nursing degree, be sure to check out more information on nurses, including the camp nurse profile.


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Registered nurse Nicole M. Brown is the author of the Adventures of Nurse Nicole series.

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The Adventures of Nurse Nicole: N is for Nurse

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The Adventures of Nurse Nicole: Wash Hands

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