Summer Allergies

pollen-allergies-sneeze-600When most people think of allergy season, they think spring. And while spring time allergens cause discomfort for over 50 million people in the U. S. alone, summer can be just as debilitating for those who struggle with summer allergens. Here are four of the most common summer allergy triggers and a solution for minimizing their effect.

Pollen-Just as in the spring, summer’s biggest offender is pollen. But by summer the trees are done with pollination and it is the grass and weeds that step up to take their place. Grass is the most popular ground cover and is next to impossible to avoid. There are many different kinds of grass that can cause problems including well known varieties such as Timothy, Red Top, Orchard, Blue, Bermuda, and Sweet Vernal.

Weeds-Weed pollination usually begins in August and can continue through late fall into November. Ragweed is probably the most well known followed closely by Sagebrush, Pigweed, Cockle weed and numerous others.

For both pollens and weeds, dry windy days are the times when the air tends to be thick with pollen. It attaches to clothes, hair and any other handy surface in hopes of finding fertile ground to begin the cycle again.

Mold-Mold occurs naturally outside and can only survive if and when it finds moisture. Landscaping that allows water to stand, or areas that don’t drain naturally, and piles of leaves are all places where these spores will thrive.

Mold spores enter your home constantly, there’s no keeping them out. And with the increased humidity in the summer it becomes easy for them to make a home in your home, particularly in places like basements, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Dust Mites-These microscopic critters love dark, warm places and feed on dead skin. Their feces contain a protein that is a renowned allergy trigger. With increased moisture in the summer the dust mite count inside your home usually rises and creates havoc in the bedroom, and more specifically, in your bed-their favorite place to be. They generally become airborne with simple every day activities such as making the bed, plumping the pillows and walking through the room on rugs or carpeting.

With these kinds of airborne triggers present in the summer time, it’s no wonder that an immune system that is sensitive to any of these irritants goes into overdrive. Coughing, sneezing watery eyes and congestion are your body’s immune system’s way of trying to get rid of what it sees as a threat.

And whereas you cannot control what’s in the air outside your home, you can mange your allergies beautifully in the summer and all through the year by filtering the triggers that cause the symptoms. Eliminating the triggers rather than constantly treating the symptoms is the most proactive and non-invasive way to effectively mange summer allergies.

Eliminate the triggers that cause summer allergies to flare now with the air purifier.

This is great information for Moms, Future Nurses and professional nurses!!


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The Adventures of Nurse Nicole: N is for Nurse

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