Five Online Wellness Programs You Will Love

Family BikingIt is still the beginning of the year, but any time is a great time to explore wellness plans. I’ve found five really great ones that are worth noting. In fact, I think you’ll love them as much as I do.

Humana Challenge – Walk the Course Kit
You’ve seen their TV commercial with the snazzy music and people dressed in golf gear, walking. Go to their site for tips and information on incorporating walking into your daily routine. I love the idea of making walking more fun.

The Life Game by MindBloom
Need some guidance in mapping out life changes? Try this free online tool, Life Game, to get started. You can use the tool to strategize some of your health and spiritual changes.

Real Age by Dr. Oz
Though it has been around for some time, Real Age is a great way to figure out your “real” age based on health and lifestyle factors. The test and resources are free.
Share Care is Real Age’s parent organization. Register with to follow experts in a variety of health and wellness areas as well as receive great information and guides to make decisions about your life.

Nourish Interactive Game for Kids
Do you want your children to learn basic nutrition facts? Maybe you need to learn them too. Well, Nourish Interactive has this great game for just that. It’s easy and fun but it’s also visually appealing.

I think I’ve covered something for everyone. Be active, informed and above all, be well.


About nursenicoleco

Registered nurse Nicole M. Brown is the author of the Adventures of Nurse Nicole series.

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The Adventures of Nurse Nicole: N is for Nurse

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The Adventures of Nurse Nicole: Wash Hands

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