14 Unforgettable Ways to Show Yourself Some Love

Married or single, women need to feel loved and adored. February is the month we celebrate love, generally of the romantic kind, but I suggest we show ourselves some love. Being kind to you is the one way you can be kind to others, right? The best gifts are the ones we know how to receive.

  1. Make your medical and dental appointments for the entire year.

  2. Buy yourself some flowers or a plant; buy something that you’d normally wish to receive from someone else.

  3. Cook one meal that is healthy but good and one of those recipes you’ve been waiting to try. Make loving yourself that occasion.

  4. Take yourself out on a date. It doesn’t matter where or when, just go by yourself and be determined to enjoy the experience.

  5. Give yourself a pep talk before beginning your day.

  6. Take advantage of a free trial of Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu Plus and watch some movies all by yourself on your laptop or TV.

  7. Dance by yourself.

  8. Take an exercise class that is challenging or do something like wall climbing.

  9. Excuse yourself from the family dinner and take yourself out to the nearest coffee or tea shoppe for one or the other and some dessert.

  10. Steal away to hear your own thoughts.

  11. Go have a therapeutic massage.

  12. Re-frame yourself by making an appointment to have new head shots or a portrait taken at a photography studio.

  13. Have a makeover and take selfies, then dare yourself to post them on Facebook.

  14. Talk to yourself about you and share all of the ways that you’re proud of you. Tell yourself how much you like you. Tell yourself that God loves you.

I am absolutely certain there are more than 14 ways to show love to yourself, what are some of your ways? Share them please.


About nursenicoleco

Registered nurse Nicole M. Brown is the author of the Adventures of Nurse Nicole series.

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The Adventures of Nurse Nicole: N is for Nurse

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The Adventures of Nurse Nicole: Wash Hands

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