10 Facebook Pages with a Wealth of Health Information

Facebook provides a wealth of information and even inspiration. Friends share the things that interest them and we, in turn, share with our friends. Here are 10 Facebook pages that focus on the topics that help us live and do better.

blackgirlsrunBlack Girls Run!
There’s a huge misconception that black women don’t run. The goal of “Black Girls Run” is to encourage and motivate black women to practice a healthy lifestyle. For those women who consider themselves well on their way to being the next Beyoncé, we want to serve as a fitness resource for runners and gym rats alike, as well as provide tips and commentary on staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Jeanette Jenkins – Hollywood Trainer
Jeanette Jenkins founder and President of The Hollywood Trainer is the author of The Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss Plan: 21 Days to Make Healthy Living a Lifetime Habit and creator of the highly successful Bikini Bootcamp, part of her internationally successful Hollywood Trainer DVD Collection, created to inspire and motivate men and women to live a healthy life.

Dolvett Quince
Dolvett Quince can be seen helping contestants on The Biggest Loser push past their pain. Stop by his page for tips.

The LIVESTRONG Foundation provides free cancer support services to help people cope with the financial, emotional and practical challenges that accompany the disease. Created in 1997 by cancer survivor and philanthropist Lance Armstrong, the Foundation is known for its powerful brand – LIVESTRONG – and for its advocacy on behalf of survivors and their families. With its iconic yellow LIVESTRONG wristband, the Foundation has become a symbol of hope and inspiration around the world. Since its inception, the Foundation has raised nearly $500 million to support cancer survivors and served 2.5 million people affected by the disease. For more information, visit LIVESTRONG.org.

BlackDoctor.org (BDO) is a powerful health resource for African Americans. Guided by the leading health experts, the site is devoted to providing the most effective strategies, tactics and health advice to help Blacks live healthier, happier lives. And it’s FREE!

Heart & Soul Magazine
A trusted source, Heart & Soul directly impacts its target audience by serving as an essential guide to healthy living. It uses the highest standards, best resources and top experts in delivering cutting-edge information and service to capture the heart & soul of every woman!

Black People ~ Run, Bike & Swim
This group is to promote fitness activity for African-Americans. It is imperative that our community addresses our health and engages in activities to improve our health.

Healthy Eating
Your source of information about healthy foods, recipes, and some lifestyle motivation!

Vegetable Juicing
And last but not least, like and follow the Nurse Nicole Facebook page for information that makes your life better.



About nursenicoleco

Registered nurse Nicole M. Brown is the author of the Adventures of Nurse Nicole series.

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The Adventures of Nurse Nicole: N is for Nurse

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The Adventures of Nurse Nicole: Wash Hands

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